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When you design for the eye over age 40, you design for ALL eyes.

Knowing what diminishes legibility is the first step to communicating with optimal impact and clarity.


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Welcome to the “Legibility Doctor™”

– Elder Eye Design & Press –

Are you effectively communicating
with the aging eye?

120 million people in the U.S. (about 40% of the total population) currently have age-related vision loss or will have it within the next 10 years. These people are YOUR clients. Do you know if you are really producing designs, products and environments that are friendly to them?

"The Legibility Doctor™" knows what the eye needs for optimal legibility

Elder Eye consults with companies and organizations on effective design for the aging eye. We offer Elder Eye Best Practice Clinics to diagnose your existing print, media design, space design and signage to determine if they are Elder Eye Friendly™, and provide recommendations for design techniques to make your communications or spaces “healthier” for the people you are trying to reach or serve.

Elder Eye provides:

• Visual and editorial reviews (Best Practice Clinic) of your existing design using Elder Eye Best Practices.

• Recommendations to enhance your current graphic style systems to make them Elder Eye Friendly™.

• Assistance in producing products and space design for people over age 40.

• Design of projects from the ground up, using Elder Eye principles.

• The design knowledge that gives you the power to more effectively communicate with your audience over age 40


to experience and understand aging vision and caring for the aging population.

Photo of VisualEyes Simulator set
Learn more and purchase VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses.

Elder Eye Press
Our "concierge" publishing house using Elder Eye's principles of good legibility, in which we help clients self-publish on-demand digital and/or traditionally-printed books.

Read about how you can self-publish under the Elder Eye Press mark or under your own publishing house mark with our assistance.

Best Practice Clinics
What is a Best Practice (BP) Clinic?

Read more about the BP Clinics.

Design Services – design without the BIG type!
Design for the aging eye doesn't need to include age-segregating large typefaces. Our research has developed design principles that reach eyes of all ages. We believe that universal, inclusive design is the best way to communicate with all audiences.

Read more about Elder Eye Design.

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