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Design and design consultation focused on universal/inclusive design techniques.

Don't let your materials be ignored! Age-related vision difficulties typically begin about the age of 40 to 45 (primarily in loss of close-up vision). That is nearly 50% of the entire U.S. population—and probably a good portion of your audience! When you use design that is best for the aging eye, you are designing for ALL eyes.

“Knowing what diminishes legibility is the first step to communicating with optimal impact and clarity.”

Design Services

Hard-to-read text and illegible designs are commonly ignored. Our Design Services are based on research proving that design that is best for the aging eye is best for ALL eyes. This does NOT need to be design with large type! In fact, large type can make materials less legible and age-segregating. Through international research, we have developed inclusive design techniques that appeal to eyes of all ages.

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Best Practice Clinics

Elder Eye (as "The Legibility Doctor") offers Best Practice reviews of existing and drafts of printed materials, web/multi-media, as well as space design and signage. This cost-effective review provides a comprehensive analysis of how your materials and/or environments might be improved for the benefit of all eyes.

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Custom Presentations

Elder Eye becomes "The Legibility Doctor" through customized presentations on good design for all eyes. These presentations can help turn the tide toward greater awareness of the importance of legible design for all populations.

Audience Testimonials: “Awesome viewpoint; very helpful perspective.” “Best workshop I've been to in a long time!” “I thought I wouldn't be interested, but this was my favorite session today. Very interesting stuff.” “This was a good general refresher in design too!”


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